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St Charles Third World Group

At St Charles here in Rishton we have a Third World Group and we are not large in numbers we do try to do lots of good by sending money to various countries and organisations throughout the world.

We send money to clergy and nuns that we know so that we can be sure that it is getting to the people who can help the starving, homeless and poorly people in those countries rather than risking sending money to the corrupt governments and other agencies.

If you think that you could help in any way please contact Joan Hurst.

The Third World Group has sent out £1,300 at the end of 2015 to various Charities and organisations known to them where the money will go to the people who are directly involved in the work that they do rather through a corrupt government body abroad.

Just a few pictures at the end of the Sponsored Walk in aid of our Third World Group recently

I wonder if Paul Birch is still sat there, I’ll have a look next time I’m passing!!